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Being A Solution When You Need One The Most

About Our Solutions That Help

People all over are trying to sell something to people or take money out of their pocket. We at Solutions That Help, are putting money in the pockets of property owners each day at no up front cost to them AT ALL!!

1. We are a financial solution as a Private Asset Based Money Lender for those contractors, land developers, investors, real-estate agents, etc. that have a non-owner occupied residence, land or building under contract. Click HERE to see more details. We are also able to provide other forms of funding solutions in Unsecured Term Loans, Lines Of Credit, Revolving Lines of Credit and much more. Just click HERE and see the many other Financial Solutions that are waiting to help you meet the goal you are working towards. Oh, and by the way, if you already are serving clients and want to add this financial funding solution to your tool box to help them, then just click HERE

2. Fill out the Contact Us Form if your Real-Estate or Land went into Tax Sale or Mortgage Foreclosure. Why you ask? Because when it is sold at auction, the entity or person who purchased it, might have paid more than what you owed for the property. We provide an Educational Solution to the property owner of how to retrieve those excess funds that belong to them. That in its completion, will put money in all your pockets. Remember, an option in this Solution will be all done for you at 


3. If life happens and your home is now in pre-foreclosure, someone died and you have now inherited a piece of properly through probate, you have no tenants any more and the property is just a headache, etc, click HERE. I have the Solution you have been looking for. Or you just might want to just sell your Real-Estate property QUICKLY. Just click HERE and answer a few questions and get your answer. 


You see, our company is based on the belief that God Loves Everyone no matter who they are, where they live or lived or what they have done. That means every persons Life, Family and home is important. So if it's important to them, we want to help them keep it. Or if they have lost it do to Foreclosure, we will see if we can help them financially with Solutions or Strategies to Help Each and Every Person We Serve.