Solutions That Help LLC

Being A Solution When You Need One The Most  

  Philippians 4:4-8

I am so glad I have chosen to be a member of the UIGI Social Club at GetPaid.UnitedInvestors.GroupThese 2 great E-Commerce options there, coupled with the acquisition of Precious Metals and Mortgage Notes, allow me and thousands of others, to provide long-term wealth for our families. 

Here is # 1, Walmart.

In May of 2021 because of the UIGI Social Club, we now have an opportunity to acquire a done-for-you E-Commerce Store partnership with the Worlds Largest Retailer Walmart. Follow this link  HERE to see detailed information or click on the video below.

The Worlds 2nd Largest Retailer

The worlds 2nd largest retailer has provided us the opportunity to purchase an Online Store through the social club I am in at United Investors Group International. This action will be taken by August of 2021. See the details in this video found HERE or see below.

This will solidify the family financial legacy of building an inheritance for our childrens children. I want to be a good man as the bible describes in Proverbs 13:22. Thank you Lord for the opportunities You have provided for us all through UIGI in Jesus The Christ name, Amen!!!