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Here Is What Some People Have Shared Abou‚Äčt Daymon Askew

Name: James

How Do You Know Daymon Askew?: Friend

Message: I am Daymon Askew's neighbor and over the years I have personally watched this man navigate people through difficult life situations, and be there when a person is going through their worst. He has helped other neighbors obtain everything from health and dental insurance, to lowering their cable bill.

Once Daymon went door to door to confirm that everyone in the community understood their car insurance policies just to make sure no one was under-insured. The man cares about people, a trait that is rare in today's society.

If more people were like Daymon, who actually cares and treats everyone around him like family, the world would be a better place. I am blessed that he is my neighbor, I know that if I have any problem, that he will be there for me and my family.

Share Date We Possibly Met: 2013-05-30


Name: Bud Simmons

How Do You Know Daymon Askew?: 

He Provided A Solution In The Past

Message: Daymon was very informative and provided the exact solution we needed. He was a consumat professional providing quality customer service. I would recommend for anyone needing a person with good character to help them, Daymon would be the person I would recommend.

Share Date We Possibly Met: 

The date we met was sometime in 2012.


Name: Rich Chubb

How Do You Know Daymon Askew?: 


Message: I have known Daymon for 2 years now and he is a man of knowledge and wisdom. With his Christian values and his successful track record in business and investments I look forward to our future successes together.

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